Joanna Connor is a popular Chicago blues musician with the ability to pull off an absolutely face-melting guitar solo

A video of female guitarist Joanna Connor has gone SUPER viral after a clip of her performance at the North Atlantic Blues Festival this summer was re-posted on YouTube under the new title “I can’t believe she nailed it”.

It’s unsure as to why the uploader of the video couldn’t believe that the professional Chicago blues musician (originally from New York) couldn’t nail a guitar solo that she herself composed…

In the face-melting 2 minute 47 second long solo, Joanna uses pretty much every technique in the book.

Slide guitar, tapping and tremolo picking all enhance what is already a pretty outstanding Nashville-inspired blues jam, though easily the best part of the video is the facial expression she pulls when sliding her hand up off the edge of the fretboard.

Connor has 10 albums under her belt and recently teased that there could be more big news soon via her Facebook page:

“Hello to new friends/fans! Big announcements coming soon… Management, big booking agency, film role, tours!”